Long time no post! Sorry for the absence of updates here.

Well we've got a very cool Actionscript 3 based site by a Romanian developer. Check it out... www.webdesign-flash.ro

If I knew how to say "very cool" in Romanian, I would!


Robot Monkey Butlers AND more await you at Ant's portfolio site...

Scenes from "Halo a Movie" by Jurgen Frey!

Linked up below are scenes from Jurgen's latest and greatest Flash piece so far. If anyone wants to challenge me when I call Jurgen my "best student ever" please feel free. But beware, his work is amazing (its just not in English =) ...

The images above all link to the movie, his main site is http://www.juergenfrey.de/

Mitch Lopata checks in!

Check out some of his recent client work, and click below to check out his freelance site....

Joe Montanino's Freelance Site...

Joe's always available for work for hire. Check out his excellent work and contact him for jobs.

Brian Z's Poster-ageous Work!

Long time student Brian has some amazing work to show off. Some of his stuff is Flash, most of the posters are done with Photoshop. Check out his main site at... BZToons.com

Brian specializes in uber-illustrated posters, one of which is posted here... DementedDenizens.com